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    BSOD installing Intel USB 3.0 drivers


      I recently purchased a 250Gb Samsung 840 Evo for my desktop, for use as a system drive. I successfully installed Windows 7 x64, configured SATA mode and windows settings for the SSD, and went to install drivers (all current versions). After installing the Intel chipset driver, I attempted to install the USB 3.0 driver (included in the installation was the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host driver and a few others). I immediately got a BSOD before the installation finished. It took a few tries to boot back up again, as I kept getting more BSODs on startup. Upon starting back up, my monitor resolution had jumped down a bit (but I could change it back), and the whole taskbar had disappeared. My desktop icons were present and working, and explorer.exe was running, but I could not get the taskbar to reappear, and the start menu and taskbar configuration settings would not open. At that point I just reinstalled windows, since I had no data on the drive yet.


      After cloning the new installation, I attempted to install the drivers directly from the motherboard's installation disk, in case there were some issues with the new drivers, and the same BSOD issue continued to happen. So until I can figure this out, my USB 3.0 ports are running at USB 2.0 speeds. I never had this issue on my WD Caviar Black, though I haven't reinstalled Windows on it recently. Any help would be appreciated.


      Motherboard is an ASrock B75M-DGS, CPU is an i5-3570k.