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    The new topic list with scrollbars


      I have been using this forum for the past 2 weeks, and have been quite happy with the small improvements that have been made with different new widgets in the side menu and highlights of recent discussions, but the new topic list on the front page (Makers) where you have to scroll inside the page is not user-friendly if you ask me. This list is the meat-and-potato of that page and it only takes up a very small percentage of the screen real estate.


      I think hiding the sub-spaces is OK, especially if you want to add in a lot of new ones, but until there are a lot of sub-spaces with heavy activity, having it all in one view would be best in my opinion.


      Making the box triple the height from 200px to 600px would help a lot... the extra white in the bottom would just give a little margin and avoid having to change this again when a new space is added...