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    No display post Windows 7 logo when monitor connected to DVI-D interface



      I have a desktop that has an Intel DB75EN motherboard and an Intel i5-3470 processor. The OS is Windows 7 Service Pack 1. When I connect the monitor to the DVI-D display interface via a dual link DVI-D cable (the cable has a DVI-D connector on both sides), my monitor goes blank (monitor operating in power savings mode as per the monitor's user manual) just after the Windows 7 logo is displayed on the screen. Please note that my monitor is a Samsung S20C300BL and the display resolution is set to 1600x900 @60Hz. The version of the Intel graphics driver is I have performed the following troubleshooting steps but have not been able to solve the problem.


      1. When the computer is booted to safe mode, the screen does not go blank. I am able to see the login screen and subsequently my items on the desktop.

      2. If I uninstall/delete the Intel driver and restart the computer, I find that I am able to see the login screen. The graphics driver being used then, is the one supplied by Microsoft. The display also works with  the 1600x900 resolution@60 Hz. But as soon as I install the Intel driver and restart my computer, once again the display is blank after the Windows 7 logo.

      3. I have also noticed that if both the VGA output interface and DVI-D output interface are connected to respective input ports of the monitor using a VGA and DVI-D cable respectively, and if I ensure that the primary display is through VGA, then the secondary display is erroneously detected as Wi-Di.


      When I boot the computer to Ubuntu 13.04 instead of Windows 7, there is no such display problem.  Also, when monitor is connected to the VGA interface by a D-sub cable, there are no display problems.


      Request someone in the community help me understand what could be the problem with the DVI-D connectivity and what steps I can take to solve the problem.


      Thanks for your time.

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          Hi Sayantan Mitra

          The reason why you are not getting image is that you are using a Dual link connection and this type of connector is not supported by our graphics controllers instead, you can use DVI Single Link that it is supported.

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thanks for your reply. In version 2 of the Technical Product specification of the DB75EN desktop board, it was mentioned that the maximum supported resolution of the DVI-D interface was 2048x1536@75 Hz (QXGA). Hence, I had used a dual link DVI-D cable to connect the computer to the monitor. After reading your reply, I found that the Technical Product specification document has been updated to version 5 wherein it has been mentioned that the DVI-D interface can support resolution upto 1920x1200@60 Hz. So I agree with you that I need to use a single link DVI-D cable instead of the dual link DVI-D cable. But now I have two follow up questions.

            1. The DVI-D socket on both my motherboard and my monitor can accommodate all 24 pins of a DVI-D dual link male connector. So why is this kind of a design there when the graphics controller supports single link DVI-D?

            2. If I uninstall Intel's graphics drivers and allow the OS to use Microsoft's own drivers that are supplied with Windows 7, how is it that using the same dual link DVI-D cable, I am able to get the display to work properly?


            Thanks a lot for your time.

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              Hi Sayantan Mitra,


              Our graphics controllers do not support the DVI dual link and this is because of the driver and internal design of the controller. You can try using the windows generic drivers but we cannot guarantee the correct functionality. As per your post, it seems that it is working but our controller is design to use DVI Single link only.