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    Beeping sound

      Hi everybody, I am new to this forum I have problem I hope you gurus can help. My system is made up of an Asus PT6 Deluxe, Core i7 920 cpu,10g 1333 mhz Ram,Asus9800 GT card and Win7 64 bit OS. It has been working fine till yesterday when it started making this beeping noise every 5mins. Can anybody help with this? Would appreciate it. Kwame

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          Can you tell where the beep is coming form?the speakers, the board?

          Also does it still happen when you boot into safe mode.

          Another thing, have you updated anything? eg drivers, windows updates etc....

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            Hi there,


            Yes it will be better if you can identify where the beeping soung is coming from. Also is it continuous beeps, how long are the beeps?

            Are you using any add-on cards?


            Check that all components are connected properly.


            If you are getting the beeping sound from your speakers, check which application is causing this and why.


            Let us know where specifically is the beeping sound coming from and we will advise you.