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    NUC with Battery Pack


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to use the NUC with External batteries like the Energizer XPal18000? It's a 66Wh battery pack capable of 19V/3.42A output.


      If so how long will it last (estimate)?




      *** I posted this before but it's not showing, perhaps due to the link to the Energizer XPal18000 website. Sorry if this turns out to be double posted ***

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          Hi ClioCreslind,

          The NUC can work with an adapter that outputs 19V. If you have a battery pack with that voltage output you can try it but we cannot guarantee the correct functionality neither how long it will last. 

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            To expand a little more.


            The estimated power consumption is ~19.5W (assuming that is in W/hr) or ~1000 mAh.  Assuming your battery can handle a discharge rate of 1mAh then 2-3 hours is ok (maybe).  On that note the battery will might have a voltage that will drop over time making it inoperable at some point prior to the battery is fully discharged and may cause the NUC to behave erratically or break.


            Possible: Yes

            Advisable/Recommended: No

            Would I do it: Why not.  Maybe you'll want to ensure your pack has some filter on it to cut out if it's voltage drops too low or it's discharging too quickly (overheating) - most should have something.