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    2x Xeon E5-2630v2 Mobo with 4x PCIe x16 slots


      :-) Hello,


      I hope you can help me.

      (1st - english isn't my first language, I hope you understand my poor english *embarassed*)


      I would like to build a new machine.

      2x Xeon E5-2630v2 CPUs with a Mobo with 4x PCIe x16 slots for 2 slot wide graphic cards.


      As far as I know, Intel have at least two Mobos with this specs?

      Intel Workstation Board W2600CR2: http://ark.intel.com/products/56338

      Intel Server Board S2600IP4: http://ark.intel.com/products/56337

      Just this two Mobos?


      If I buy today one of this both Mobos (I live in Germany), their BIOS support the new E5-2630v2 CPUs?


      In the specs, supported RAM:

      DDR3 ECC UDIMM 1600, RDIMM 1600, LRDIMM 1333


      DDR3 ECC UDIMM/LV RDIMM/LV 1066 1333 1600, Load Reduced 1333 1333LV

      Does this mean I could use regular (non ECC) unbuffered system RAM also?


      I mean for example (4x 4GB, for each CPU):

      16GB G.Skill RipJawsZ DDR3-1600 DIMM CL7 Quad Kit

      16GB Corsair XMS3 Dominator DDR3-1600 DIMM CL7 Quad Kit


      Where I could find infos about which system RAM would be recommended for the above mentioned Mobos (or the other Mobos which you know with the above mentioned specs)?


      :-) Thank you a lot.