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    XP Making 2gig go to 4Gigs


      Hey all, I got an question for ya!  I know I read it somewhere and I cant remember where and I cant remember how to do it, but how do I get Windows XP to read more than 2G's of RAM?  I have 2x1024 PC5300 DDR2 sticks on a FOXCONN board already and I bought 2 more cause I know it can be done, can some one point me in the right direction?  Thanks =)  Have a Great Summer!!!



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          Hi there,


          Assuming that the motherboard supports 4GB memory or more, you will need to be using Windows XP 64Bit or any other 64bit operating system to be able to get the 4gb memory available under the operating system. In general i has to be 64bit operating system.


          Your processor and motherboard have to support 64bit platform as well for you to achieve this, but I dont think it would be a problem as most motherboards and cpus support 64bit platform (though not all).


          Hope this is helpful.



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            Ahh but there enlies the problem that of IM a Gamer and IM not sure how well World of Warcraft wold work on a 64 bit system with all the addons I use and everything, also I read that it was a 32bit XP that could be hacked to take more RAM do you know of this bro? I would LOVE to goto a 64bit, (and yes my board is upgradable to 4gigs) but again being a gamer most gaming Hardware i.e. High end Video cards, Games and have alot of qwarks as I remember so unless it's changed in anyway I need to find out how to change the 32bit system to accept more ram, at least TRy and squeze 1 gig out of it lol.  Thanks for the info Unplugged =)



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              on a 32 bit system you will NEVER be able to see all 4GB of ram because there is not enough address space to map both the Physical RAM and the memory needed by other devices connected to the motheboard (sound cards, graphics cards, modems, network cards, etc). the address space of 64 bit OS is almost infinitely larger than 32 bit so you can map both the physical memory (RAM) and the memory from the other devices. but you should still be able to see more than 2GB. normally you see anything between 2.5 and 3.2GB of RAM when using 4GB in 32bit OS.


              this explains it quite nicely.




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                its difficult to find an application that doesn't work in 64 bit Windows. WIndows does a 32 bit emulation which works at native speed sometimes faster.


                WoW should work fine as do so may other games. may even work better.





                BUT.... i wouldn't install XP 64. if you want to have trouble-free 64bit experience use Vista 64. The problem with XP 64, although it works mostly fine for workstation related applications, is that it really is a converted version of Windows 2003 64 bit and still bears some resemblance to it in its inner workings. for example, if you try to install windows live messenger in XP 64 you will get a message saying " This application is not supported on Windows Server 2003" and some games will also say the same message.


                Best thing really is to use Vista 64 which was designed to be a client 64 bit OS for the general public.



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                  OK sounds good bud ty but I got a question for ya, does Vista (which I have never played with yet, Bad me, BAD me) have the Security like Win XP Pro? Because i HATE the Networking and Security features in XP Home...I run a couple of servers at home just to play around (My PDC, sorry IM old school lol and a FTP Server) with but I do have a domain and I monitor my kids comps on it through my Computer is Vista going to give me the Security features I'm looking for?  Looks like I want my cake AND eat it too lol Sorry for the Q's but I have been out of the Industry for a bit, my disability has me bedridden I try to stay up to date but ya know how Technology is lol if your not working with it, forgetabout it lol.  Thanks OJ !!!



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                    vista business and ultimate will have all the features XP pro has and more.