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    Intel Wireless N-135 constant disconnects


      Hi there,


      I've been having numerous issues with my wireless adapter lately. Whenever I try to access a network it will connect for a few minutes, then stop working and give me the "limited connectivity" error. When I run the troubleshooter, I usually get the message "the default gateway is not available" and that makes it work for a few minutes but it does the same thing again.


      I've tried to uninstall my wireless drivers but it doesn't give me the option to actually delete it, just uninstall. This usually makes it work for a little while longer but I still get the same issue.


      I've also tried to update my drivers but they are current. My specs are:

      MSi CX-61

      i5-3230M processor

      Nvidia GeForce 730M/ 2GB DDR3


      Intel Centrino Wireless N-135 adapter

      Windows 8 (just upgraded it to 8.1) x64bit


      Thank you.