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    Dell poweredge sc420 mainboard/processor


      I've been using the sc420 as a desktop for some years, it is all I require for now. I would like to upgrade the processor with a Pentium 4 670 3.8mhz, but this processor is 64bit and 2mg. The chipset model is e7221 according to Dell, the motherboard is model 0x3468, the present processor is a P4 2.8mhz, 32bit, 1mg. How can I find out if it will work? Thanks, Ron

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          Intel Motherboards with the same chipset work fine with that processor http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/cs-012690.htm


          BUT... since this is an OEM system it may well be locked down not to use a particular series of processors. I tried to upgrade a dell workstation once with a faster processor only to find that the system booted fine, i could enter the BIOS and all  but showed a nice pretty message saying: "Using this processor is not a supported configuration" and didn't let me boot into windows or linux or whatever.



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            That list of compatible Pentium 4 processors for the Intel® Entry Server Board SE7221BK1-E is not complete, ASSUMING the Dell version of the E7221 board indicates what would work in the Intel board.


            I am using a 561 series cpu - 1MB cache and Intel 64 capable on a Dell Poweredge 800 with the same E7221 chipset.  That list specifies required Bios updates for the Intel board to use a 6-series cpu.


            To add to that Intel list - 521, 531, 541, 551, 561, 571.


            The Cedar Mill series 631 641 651 661 cpus prohibit ECC memory - see ark.intel.com Memory Specifications headings.