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    HDMI Audio loses layout on Haswell and Silent Stream Bug

    onur setnürk

      First Problem i have: (nothing found in Web about this isue)
      On Win7 Haswell HDMI audio loses layout (example - center outputs on Rear left and so on). this happens especially after refresh rate change.  Only Restarting the PC will help (tried deactivating hdmi audio, replug hdmi, ...).
      I have testet this on serveral Mainboards and Processors.

      The Problem excists randomly, and is difficult to reproduce.

      Second problem:
      the well known Silent Stream Bug (on Haswell, Sandy, Ivy). This is a no-go for mediacenter PC (ATI has fixed this isue). When will this be fixed on Intel?

      When No Sound played in Windows, a Connected HDMI AMP switches to No Signal.

      HDMI should permanent send Silent Audio, otherwise HDMI receivers cannot sync to signal (they dont know if there is 5.1 or 2 channel PCM audio).

      Is intel aware of these issues and working on it?

      regards, onur

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          Thank you for your feedback on these topics. Let me further check if there are investigations being done on the issues you have described and what would be the status on them.

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            Could you please provide the dxdiag report from your system, the graphics report generated by Intel(R) Graphics and Media control panel and the steps we would need to follow to reproduce this issue?

            Just copy paste all this information here.

            Intel(R) Graphics Driver Report


            Additionally, please provide a full list of the hardware (computer, cpu, gpu, AVR, cabling, displays, etc) and software (media players, codecs, file formats, etc) that is being involved in the testing.

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              onur setnürk

              i have tested this with about 5 different Mainboards (also including Intel mobos).
              the layout Problem only apears on haswell i think - but ivy and sandy have a similar Problem when simultaneously playing bitstream and PCM Audio.

              steps to reproduce:
              use Mediaplayer classic home Cinema and ffdshow Audio filter
              setup ffdshow for bitstream Audio (see attachment).

              also, you Need a device which can handle bitstream Audio (i think every HDMI TV can handle ac3) - you see it in Sound properties of outputting Audio device (see attachment).


              to reproduce you must output some PCM Sound - does not matter which Player - you can also use IE. simultaneously Output bitstream Audio over HDMI  (DTS master or maybe AC3 Audio...). now you should hear only bitstream Sound on televison or hdmi amp.
              when you stop bitstream, PCM Audio (sometimes) stops to work. sometimes when i re ouput bitstream and stop bitstream - pcm Audio will work again.
              i think Intel hdmi Audio Driver gets confused when outputing PCM and Bitstream at the same time.


              another way to reproduce: map some analog Input from soundcard to hdmi output and simultaneously Play bitstream Audio.
              (plug in a MIC - configure Sound Settings so that you can here yourself, and Play some bitstream Audio).
              after stoping bitstream Audio sometimes yout MIC output will stop working...


              regards, onur

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                Hi onur setnnrk!  The steps for repro you provided are for the silent stream portion of your bug report - is that correct?  Can you also provide repro steps for the first issue, where you lose HDMI audio layout?


                Thank you,


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                  onur setnürk

                  hi, Nic, yes, they are correct,.silent stream bug is easy to reproduce.

                  you can find it also with google.

                  Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge CPU and DZ77GA-70K Motherboard | Missing Remote


                  HDMI audio layout problem is not easy to reproduce - but worse. i'm a developer from a mediacenter - looking tv everey day.
                  You need a 5.1 HDMI Amp - to get the problem.

                  Audio Layout gets sometimes lost after outputting Bitstream Audio over HDMI (im using ffdshow). This is only with Haswell (i'm using HD 4600). I have deactivated Bitstream Audio, now its better, but not gone.
                  Maybe you can reproduce it faster if you output Bitstream audio(Cyberlink Blu Ray), and try to output PCM (youtube) at the same time (you can not here PCM at this time, but after stopping Bitstream you should here the sound on Front Left-Right speakers).

                  thanks, onur

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                    The Intel engineering department is aware of this thread and they are currently working to get this issue resolved. I still do not have an estimate time of resolution but you can keep checking this post for updates



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                      Hi onur,


                      I'm afraid I will need much more detailed repro steps for the HDMI layout issue.  How do you have your AV/R configured? How are you connecting various components to the AV/R?  I need to use ffdshow for ____?  Cyberlink to test bitstream audio (details on configuration?), and youtube to test PCM audio - simultaneously?


                      This is not my area of expertise, so pardon my ignorance on it.




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                        onur setnürk


                        you can use any other audio decoder filter which can output bitstream (rare).

                        cyberlink powerdvd can do this out of the box. you must watch a blu-ray with DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD.

                        i think most of the Blu rays have a DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD track.


                        for configuring cyberlink look at:



                        AVR and sound card is configured for 5.1 audio.

                        the components are all connected via hdmi (Monitor, AVR, Computer).

                        i have testet with and wihtout an EDID Manager.

                        when problem ocurs nothing will help (disconnecting hdmi, power off amp, and so on).

                        Only Restart of the computer will fix it.

                        the audio layout of bitstream content is always OK (clear anyway).


                        you must not play simultaneously. but when you do that, the problem occurs earlier.

                        you must not use youtube, it's only about to play stereo sound (you can also use mp3 with WMP) to notice the problem.

                        when problem occurs you will have stereo output on rear channel, or center or somewhere else.


                        to be clear. the problem also occurs without bitstream - but very rare.


                        regards, onur

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                          Audio channel mix-up confirmed.

                          It happens daily here, with no apparent reason actually.

                          HW used:Core i7 4770k connected to denon 2809, setup to use 7.1 bitstreaming.


                          If intel devs are reading this, please consider adding these 2 features:

                          1) Custom channel matrix mapping. Reason: My TV is opposite of my monitor. I would like to watch movies encoded in DTS/DD on my TV, and able to rotate audio channels 180 degrees for surround GAMING on my monitor. Example: http://www.ac3filter.net/wiki/Mixing_matrix

                          +million thanks if you implement this.


                          2) Something people have been asking nvidia and amd for years: allow a hdmi audio ONLY option.

                          Imagine playing games on your primary graphics card directly connected to monitor (=least input lag), and use the intel hdmi output just for the multichannel audio! Without the hassle/slowdown of a extended display region.


                          Finally: Thank you for fixing the 24p framerate on the hd4000. This is something nvidia and amd can learn from. (been bitching them for 10 years now to fix their non working implementation without result..)

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                            onur setnürk

                            hi, nice that i'm not alone.

                            hope it will be done quickly.

                            @all other users with the same problem - please post.


                            your second question will not work - hdmi always needs display data (by spezifikation) - but maybe it could work if intel sends dummy display data - configuring would be very confusing?

                            I would also be happy if intel could implement this (i think about connecting 4K Display direct and HDMI Sound only to 1.3 HDMI AV Receiver).


                            haswell is a must have for 23,976 but only without mixer layout problem.

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                              onur setnürk

                              hi, for info,

                              Same issue with the brand new NUC (Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK - also Haswell),

                              old NUC doesn't have audio layout problem but also silent stream bug.

                              regards, onur

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                                I have this same issue. It suddenly started happening randomly. At the same time my Intel Sound kept disabling itself.


                                ASRock H87M Pro 4

                                G3220 Haswell 3.0GHz CPU

                                HyperX T1 Series DDR3 2000 Ram [Kingston]

                                Crucial C300 SSD

                                2 Seagate 3tb

                                1 Seagate 500Gb


                                Home Theater =

                                Onkyo HT-S9400THX 7.1 THX Cert


                                Purchased a new HD/3D/ [way to expensive] HDMI cable [ When I was first troubleshooting the Disabled Audio problem I replaced the HDMI with a older one comcast had left behind. This initially fixed the issue however the older cable could not handle DTS-HD or TrueHD streams without lagging out my video. After a day or 2 the problem cropped up again I pulled my PC out and sanatized the drivers, updated to the newest sound/video drivers , ensured that all my windows updated where completed. At this time I also reinstalled  XMBC.


                                All this has so far fixed the disable problem, however the issue with the sound card not activating the Home Theater PC continues. When I load up XMBC I see it actively sense the HDMI input for sound. However it is only pushing PCM up to the receiver.

                                I've used VLC, Total Media, XMBC. Everything only sends PCM to the receiver. When I roll back the driver, I am able to send DTS again but Display Audio disable issue returns.

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                                  I am also having the HDMI channel layout issue with Intel HD Graphics / Display Audio.  I have a Dell Inspiron 3647 small desktop with a Haswell Pentium hooked up to my Preamp (Emotiva UMC-200) via an HDMI cable.  I can reproduce the issue using J River Media Center.  I have the audio output set to 192 KHz/24-bit 5.1 PCM audio when watching movies (@ 23.98 fps) using a WASAPI interface for audio.  If I repeatedly switch between watching different movies and skip around within the movies, eventually the channel mapping will become wrong and stay that way until the computer is rebooted.  I can also just leave the computer on for a while and many times I will try to play a movie and the channel mapping issue will occur.


                                  Bitstreaming audio (Dolby Digital / DTS-HD) directly to the Preamp will many times just stop working too until the computer is rebooted.


                                  In order to eliminate J River Media Center as the source of the problem, I can close it and open the Windows sound test application which will still play audio out of the wrong channels.  In order to eliminate the Pre Amp as the source of the problem, I unplugged the HDMI cable from the computer and then connected my TV to the computer with another HDMI cable.  While the TV only supports a stereo input, the left/right channels will be swapped.  So once the issue occurs with 5.1 audio, it will carry over to 2 channel audio.  Rebooting the system is the only way to correct the issue.


                                  I am currently using the Intel HD Graphics / Display Audio drivers provided on the Dell website, but if I use the latest version from the Intel website, the issue seems to get worse.  This issue cannot be fixed by powering on/off any device connected to the PC or replugging in the HDMI cable.

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                                    onur setnürk

                                    these are exactly the same symptoms that I have.

                                    I think there are a lot of more people haveing this issue on 5.1 settings,but not realizing it.

                                    I am sensitive in terms of sound and wrong layout.

                                    sad that no intel developer cares about. same thing for the silent stream ?bug?.

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