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    Upgrade to Windows 8.1, now getting "SecureBoot isn't configured correctly"




      I'm using a DC3217BY with the latest 42 BIOS, connected directly to my display with DisplayPort.  I upgraded my machine to Windows 8.1 yesterday and now it is telling me that SecureBoot isn't configured correctly.


      So I restarted, waited for the Intel logo, hit F2, and changed my SecureBoot settings.  I changed it from off to on, I believe.  I saved and restarted.  Now, everytime I restart I do not see the Intel logo, the first thing I see is the Windows desktop.  It's as if the Intel splash screen is not displaying correctly.  When I hit F2 repeatedly on boot I'm guessing it goes to the BIOS, because in this case it does not boot to Windows, but it also does not show me the BIOS screen.


      So, in summary, after I turned on SecureBoot in the BIOS, I can not see the Intel splash screen on boot, nor can I see the BIOS screen if I hit F2.