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    Front case PowerOn button not working...2 identical pcs...


      2 Intel D945GTP/PLM pcs.

      I checked the wires with the pins on 2 the same motherboards/pcs and they are connected the same, except the not working properly pc has a Reset connector connected as well. But I think the symptoms were the same if the Reset connector was on or off.

      I matched the cables/colours/pins to the 2 pcs so I do not see why the not working properly pc does not power on when I press the power button on the case. The front case Power Button seems to be clicking ok. I have to replace the CMOS battery and then the PC powers on straight away after I press the power switch on the PC PSU.

      I hope this is making enough sense.

      I bought the case, it is old and I am wondering if the front case power button is not working properly, but still, why does the pc power on straight way if I replace the CMOS battery and turned the power supply switch on?

      I do have odd explanations, please bear with me.


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