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    Can't use dedicated graphics since latest Win8.1 + Intel drivers update




      I've installed Windows 8.1 update, together with it newer Intel GPU drivers got updated.


      Now I've noticed that I can no longer use my dedicated GPU, I have 2 gpu's in my laptop (Asus Zenbook Prime ux51vz):

      Intel HD 4000

      GeForce 650m GT


      Previously I was able to right click an app, select "Run with graphics processor > Here select Intel/Nvidia" and it worked fine.

      Now after the update, no matter which option I choose, I always end up with "Intel HD 4000".


      The only situation I can use the dedicated GPU now, is when I connect a HDMI cable to my laptop and connect a external monitor.

      In this situation I can use ONLY Nvidia GPU, if I select run with Intel, I will still end up with Nvidia.


      But I want to use Nvidia GPU when I am not connected to external monitor.