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    Intel Centrino Wireless-n 2230 - Windows7 - random disconnects



      I am the recent owner of an Asus N76VZ notebook, which has an Intel Centrino Wireless-n 2230 card, running on Windows 7 64 bit.

      My router is a DLink DIR 615, and I have 2 other machines using wireless (n and g) without any issues for years. Security type is WPA2-Personal, encryption is AES+TKIP. Range/Strength are good/excellent, 4/5.


      I am experiencing random wireless disconnects followed by reconnects... sometimes wireless will work for hours, sometimes it will disconnect every 10 minutes. When reconnecting, sometimes it works on first attempt, sometimes it keeps reconnecting for 3 minutes, 1 attempt every 30 seconds. The disconnects are more frequent when the wireless connection is not continuously in use (browsing internet) or not in use at all, and rare when continuously using the connection (online gaming, radio).

      The tool I am using to monitor them is the Wireless Event Wiever that comes with the drivers package, but Windows logs are showing the same thing.


      I have tried all driver/app versions I could find for the Intel Centrino Wireless-n 2230 card, starting with and from Asus, also the versions available from Intel 15.6.1, 15.8.0, 16.1.1, 16.1.5. There was no improvement. [To make things worse, the Wireless Event Viewer tool that is installed by the newer Intel packages is functionally inferior to the older versions: looses the events logged in "realtime mode" when closing, and does not log anything while closed, unlike the one that comes with the original drivers from Asus.]


      Also I tried every reasonable setting on router and card config: setting a fixed channel, disabling N, changing encryption, setting lowest roaming aggressiveness, nothing worked. Tested with another computer next to me and only the Intel Centrino Wireless-n 2230 was disconnecting from wireless. Disabled power saving for the adapter, that made things worse, wireless would stay off every time computer starts/wakes up.

      Tried every checklist trick recommended on Intel support also.


      The only info I could find are the log entries, showing sometimes an error RxDeAuth, with REASON_PRIOR_AUTH_INVALID, and more often AddToExclude with WEV_EXCLUDE_LIST_REASON_802_11_AUTH_FAILURE, the last one happens on each disconnect/reconnect.


      I have no other ideas to try so I would appreciate some help in finding a solution. Next thing to do would be buying an external wireless Usb adapter, and never buying a computer having Intel Wireless again. So at least an explanation would be nice.




      I can confirm that the problem is caused by the wireless card. Tested with another 2 different routers(DLink, Linksys) and also got some disconnects/reconnects when not continuously in use.

      The worse part is that sometimes the reconnects fail, and are followed by another reconnect that fails, again and again, until I need to reboot both the laptop and the router.


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