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    Xeon E3-1275V3: Where to find Graphics drivers?


      The driver that came with the motherboard is broken, the display goes to black but never goes to sleep. I would hope that there's a newer driver that works.


      The problem is to find a solution on Intel's web site:


      Download Center:


        No results found for "xeon e3-1275V3"


        No results found for "xeon e3-1275 V3"

        No results found for "HD Graphics P4600"


        No results found for "P4600"



      The download center has also a seach by category, but the closest thing I found was a driver for HD graphics in Core processors. The Xeon E3 is not listed as compatible:



      Intel® Iris™ and HD graphics Driver for Windows 7* and Windows 8* 64



      This software driver package will install the Intel® Iris™ and HD graphics driver for:

      Intel® Pentium® Processor 2000/3000/G2000/G2100/G3000 Series
      Intel® Celeron® Processor 900/1000/2000/G1000 Series

      3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with:
      Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500

      4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with:
      Intel® HD Graphics 4200/ 4400/4600/5000
      Intel® IrisTM Graphics 5100
      Intel® IrisTM Pro graphics 5200

      These drivers will not function with any other product.



      Pentium, Celeron and Core. No Xeon. Now what?