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    Flickering Screen with fullscreen games after Windows 8.1 Update


      After I updated to Windows 8.1 the Toshiba Service Station made me update the Intel HD Graphics driver to the latest ( and now any fullscreen (ONLY FULLSCREEN) game makes the screen flicker. I uninstalled the driver but have not yet restarted and the problem seems to be resolved. I am now using the previous version (



      Additional info: I have a second display hooked up via VGA on the side of the laptop.


      Any help is appreciated!






      EDIT: Uninstalling the latest driver has only half fixed the flickering. It occurs less often now, but still occurs. Which leads me to believe there is another factor to this issue.


      It is also quite possible that I have not uninstalled the driver correctly. I used the control panel to uninstall through "Programs and features". I forgot about the rollback driver from Display.