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    After updating to Windows 8.1: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"


      Since I've updated to Windows 8.1 every time I press the power button to wake the computer from sleep, this happens:


      The screen goes dark for a few seconds

      then it starts working and I get the following message in Desktop:

      "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"


      It's very annoying and time consuming, since I'm turning the tablet off and on (actually sleep/wake up) constantly during the day. (This doesn't happen when turning on the device when it's completely shut down though.)

      I have:

      Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

      Intel Graphics Media Accelerator


      Current Driver Installed

      P.S.: I should also mention that I disabled Windows lock screen by editing the registry - so when woken up, it goes directly to last opened app/program - no lock and login screen. But I think that this shouldn't matter, since I've done this on Windows 8 (same computer, same graphics card) and everything worked fine.

      How can this be solved?

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