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    Intel Mobile 4 Series Express Chipset Screen Brightness On XP


      HI, i have an Acer-Emachines laptop.. and i have a problem with the screen brightness hotkey/shortcut


      I cannot adjust the screen brightness through this setting (Fn+Left Arrow Key or Fn+Right Arrow Key).

      But I can adjust my screen brightness from Boot to OS Loading.. i have tried to uninstall the Grpahics driver mobile intel 4 series and to my surprise.. i was now able to adjust the screen brighness. i downloaded the latest igraphic driver form intel and yet my problem has returned again. By the way, i'm using a dual boot OS configuration of Windows XP Pro SP3 and Vista Ultimate SP1.. i am able to adjust the screen brightness on my other OS configuartion, Windows Vista with the supplied driver of mobile intel 4. my problem is only on xp


      The specs of my laptop are:

      Emachines D725 (EMD725)

      Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 @ 2.00Ghz

      2 GB or DDR2 800Mhz

      160Gb Hitachi Hard Drive

      Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset 256 Mb of Shared Ram

      Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

      Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1


      this really is a big problem for me since my eyes get stressed so easily by the high brightness of my LCD(i have eye defects)

      though yes this laptop is working great except for this simple problem.


      Thank you for your help.. contact me if you need more information.

      all help appreciated.


      Good day