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    The new HD4000 driver for Windows 8.1 is completely busted.


      I am seeing this across the boards, but I have my own issue to add - audio. When I installed 8.1, I noticed I had a new interface for my Graphics controller. I looked in the devices and sure enough there was a new display driver - but when I went to play video and music, the computer would lock up, not play audio it at all, or skip to the end of every song until it got to the end of the album. I reverted back to the previous display driver I had,, and everything now works perfectly - but I'd still like to have the newest version of the driver. Please Intel fix this! It's affecting a lot of 8.1 users out there!


      I noticed how the display driver also comes with the Intel Display Audio, so maybe that was why my audio wasn't working? Otherwise it doesn't make sense why audio wouldn't play because of a faulty display driver... I didn't keep the driver long enough to see whether my computer had any other major issues with video and graphics.