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    No WIFI - Windows 8.1 update - Centrino N 6205




      I have a X230 that I just updated to Windows 8.1, which was a mistake... My wifi was working before, but now, it doesn't connect to anything anymore. It sees the different network available, and when I try to connect to any of them, it doesn't end up connecting.

      I restored the laptop to a point of restoration that I created just AFTER installing windows 8.1, and it worked again... for few hours. Then it was down again. I didn't touch it in between, didn't install anything.

      I have a Intel Centrino N 6205, which always had some connection issues, but now, there is no way anymore to connect.

      I did flush the DNS already, and it appears connected after for few seconds, but there is no way to access internet even during this time.


      Your help would be more than welcomed.