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    How to lock display resolution?


      I have several computers and share my HP LP2475w monitor between them using a Belkin KVM switch.  On all computers, I run the monitor at its maximum 1920x1200 resolution.


      One of these systems is a Windows 7 computer with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 adapter integrated on the motherboard. It keeps reverting to 1024x768 generic VGA resolution, at random times when I've switched the KVM to another computer and then switch back to this machine.  If I go to the Screen Resolution controls and try to Detect the monitor in order to reset the resolution, it doesn't detect the monitor.  It seems like the computer forgets what monitor is attached and then falls back to a "safe" resolution -- And it won't re-detect the monitor.  The only way to fix it is to shut down the computer and reboot, at which point it sees the HP 2475 monitor and starts up at 1920x1200 resolution.  It's incredibly annoying and is costing me a lot of time messing with it.


      If I run the HP Display Assistant, it says the monitor is an M-15R, which is apparently a generic VGA monitor.  This is clearly incorrect.


      Is there a way to force Windows and/or the Intel driver to lock the 1920x1200 resolution and force it to see this as an HP LP2475 monitor?  This is the only monitor that is ever connected to that display adapter, so there is no danger in it trying to drive another monitor that can't take it.


      Suggestions appreciated.