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    Lowered resolution after Windows 8.1 upgrade (downgrade?)




      Running a Samsung Series 9 notebook, with Intel Graphics HD 4000 (bios 0.1) for quite some time now, reasonably happy with it. Always been running 1980 * 1020 on Windows 8 now.


      However, after Windows 8.1 upgrade the maximum resolution is now 1600 * 900.


      CustomModeApp does not work (exceeds bandwidth), the Intel Graphics Information Center reports says the only supported resolution is 1600 * 900 but this is not what it was, and also not according to published specs.


      I tried contacting Samsung support, but they recommended a factory reset (sigh), and the Samsung drivers are ancient and doesn't even ackowledge the existence of Windows 8, let alone 8.1.


      What to do? Your help is appreciated.

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