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    Need BIOS for S2600CP (DBS2600CP) board


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to this board and found it through Google searches for the motherboard that I have. I'm in sort of a jam here and would really appreciate any help.


      I have a s2600CP board with a fried bios and because the bootblock is corrupted I can't get into recovery mode. I've been trying to use a SPI flasher on a replacement chip, however, the bios's on the download page are all capsulated files; Therefore, I can't directly flash it directly into the chip.


      I am playing with the idea that I can get someone's BIOS dump and load it up to see if it would work.  With that said, is there anyone with the same board that can make a dump of their bios using intel's flash programming tool (fpt.exe) or any other tool that would do the same thing?