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    Can't change DQ77MK master key + user hard disk passwords




      For the last six months, I've been using a DQ77MK with a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. I've been using my SSD's hardware encryption, so I have to enter the master key or user hard disk password before using my computer.


      An issue has come up and I have to change the user hard disk password. When I try to change it, the BIOS asks for the current password. I enter the same password that I use to unlock my computer, but the BIOS displays this error:


      "Enter password to unlock system"


      Is this a known issue, and are any workarounds available? Thanks!

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          Hi ssdfan840,


          In this situation I recommend you checking that the device is connected to the Sata Port 0 and make sure the SSD is connected to the system that was originally used to set this encryption.


          If you have checked this, my best recommendation is to contact the SSD manufacturer so they can help you out resetting the password on your disk since as you mentioned before, it is a hardware Encryption.