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    DZ77BH-55K Desktop MB, Need Windows8 USB 3.0 Drivers


      I have a Intel® Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K and looked for Windows 8 USB 3.0 Drivers on the Intel Download Page for my board, but they only have Windows 7 drivers listed - What do I use for Windows 8?


      I need both of these please.


      Intel - USB3.0

      And The

      Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Driver too


      Also Please, How do I fix my name, it shows up twice, how do I put it back to just say: lemurian


      Thank you

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          Hi lemurian,


          Win 8 comes with embedded drivers for USB 3.0 so this is the reason why there are no drivers at the download page for win 8 and Win 7 does not come with the USB 3.0 driver and this is also the reason why we do have drivers for USB 3.0 under the Win 7 Filter.


          You can try installing the win 7 drivers on your computer but we do not guarantee that will work perfectly fine.


          In regards you’re your name, I recommend you checking the profile settings and play with that so you can change your nickname.