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    DG33BU problem BIOS 0572



      the mainboard worked perfectly but I intended to install a SDD so I updated the last BIOS 0572: big mistake! I have a black screen at startup, only the mode "maintenance menu" works with access BIOS.

      I could identify the problem, the mainboard startup only if the "Core Multiplexing Technology" option has it disabled! I have only one active processor on two ... thank you Intel!
      recess, you can not switch to another BIOS version, even using recovery.

      I really need help .... if you have an idea, a big thank you.

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          desperate attempt with BIOS rom cd "recovery mode" .... black screen for 1 hour and nothing, really nothing more then even more access to the BIOS "Maintenance menu".


          Mainboard definitely died because of a well crappy bios


          I'm really in anger: (((

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            Hello Ronan, unfortunately, once you installed BIOS 0572, it is not possible to downgrade the BIOS to any earlier versions.

            For any chance, do you remember which BIOS version was installed before you updated it?


            We can try some basic troubleshooting in order to try to get video again

            These are the recommendations I can provide you:



            Let me know the results.