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    Z87 "Lake Tiny" support?


      When the Z87 chipset was launched, some sources mentioned something about "Lake Tiny", which was a feature that only Z87 supported (no other Lynx Point chipset had this feature). It was vaguely described as performance and power optimizations for SSDs, but I haven't been able to find any specifics on it. Since there are Intel people in this forum, I was wondering if any of them would be able to shed any light on what exactly "Lake Tiny" is or was.

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          Hi TwistedKestrel,


          I am going to research more on this and I will be back with more information for you soon.

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            Hello DagMoen,

            Thanks for waiting and I apologize for the delay on coming back with you. Based on a research, Lake tiny is a "technology" consisting of SSD performance & power optimizations; basically power states settings for SSDs.


            It’s supported with Intel RST (rapid storage technology) 12.0 and above and is supported by QM87/HM87/Q87/Z87 chipsets. It is important to say that the bios must have enabled the setting.

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              “Lake Tiny provides increased SSD power optimization features when using Smart Response Technology (SSD Caching).”  - June 2, 2013 by Matt Bach.




              I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I want to use an SSD with Lake Tiny, but Lake Tiny is only included with Z87, i.e., I want the HDD to rest when it should.  Other than the omission of Lake Tiny, H87 is a perfect fit as Intel expects it to be for a small business.  In addition, I want to use, also as Intel expects, the Small Business Advantage that is only included with H87.


              Will Intel consider an update to H87 with Lake Tiny?