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    new S5000XVNSAS video problem


      I've never worked with the Intel server boards - recently purchased the S5000SXVN5000SAS model. Fairly certain memory - processor - power supply are all compataible. Board will boot but I never see the video boot allowing me to get into the cmos setup. I've read the tested compatiability requirements and while my video card is not listed of those test it is none the less a pci 16x ATI 1050. The system seems to have a good boot considering the status LED eventually stays green. Not getting any beeps, etc. Processor is a 5400A installed into the processor one slot. I have 16 gigs of Fully buffered memory broken down into 4 gigs on each module installed in A1 / B1 /C1 /D1.  I drawing a blank thinking it has to be the video card. I tried an invidia just for grins and still not love.


      So my question is: Is this MB that proprietary in what video adapter it will accept? Any ideas?

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          No, the board uses standards PCI express graphics (although it can be moody at times). Generally speaking it works fine.

          This board has a minumum requirements when working with processors of the 5400 series. Which actual processor do you have?

          to verify this compatibility you will need to post the number called the PBA number. There is a sticker on the board which has the Serial Number followed by the PBA number.



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            Thank you for the reply - the process is the 5540A - and the motherboard infomation you requested is: QSVN84400130 PBA E11034-103

            Also on the mb I found this: QTFMNX83200189


            Thank you for your reply and I hope to have an answer soon. I believe the problem is the bios if not the video card, and to address the video issue I ordered a card listed on the test list.

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              indeed the board is compatible with the CPU you have.

              One nice little test would be to connect one CPU and remove all memory see if the system Beeps.



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                I called Intel technical support and recieved the answer to my delima. I do not have enough power for the two processor layout of this board. Will give it a shot this afternoon to make sure she is working correctly. Veronica is one very functional gal

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                  Veronica is up and operational and ready for VMWARE ESX!

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                    Can you please tell me how you managed to sort out the problem of lack of power for second cpu slot? Did you have it populated or problem occured even if you had cpu in first slot only?

                    My s5000xvnsas doesn't get through post tests, no beeps, nothing, just green status led which goes solid amber after a minute or sth. and cpufan2 light goes amber too.

                    I'm using 5150 SL9RU in first slot, second is not populated. My Power supply provides 550Watt if needed, although I don't think there is such need.