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    Intel Download Zone updates


      The last update to the download zone was on 8.8,2013 that's a very long time. Even newer drivers are still released, the download zone was not updated. What's going on, is there another resource availiable???

      e.g. Chipset Drivers latest , download zone, LAN Drivers latest 18.7, download zone 18.4




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          Ziad Aghar

          Sometimes Intel misses on updating minor things here & there. As well as inaccurate info "rare occasions".

          As a rule of thumb, you don't update drivers unless they solve a specific issue related to your problem.


          In layman's terms:

          With all do respect to Intel, they do have a well oiled machine but it's not that well oiled.

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            TomTom, would you please provide me the model number of the motherboard you are using?

            I was able to search for the Chipset Drivers and according to Google.com this driver belongs to a Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP. Is this information correct?


            Could you send me the link where you are getting the newer driver’s version?


            Thanks a lot.