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    Cannot accelerate System disk in Windows 8.1


      I added my SSD but Intel RST will not allow me to add acceleration to the System disk. I have 3 disks. System, Storage, and SSD. The only disks the Intel RST app will allow me to operate on is the Storage and SSD disks. I cannot accelerate the System disk, nor can I create a raid with it. Of course, my Option ROM offers the option to create a RAID with the system disk, but I did not try it since that is not what I want. I want to add SSD caching to the System Disk.


      The System Disk (as well as the Storage Disk) are in GPT mode. I boot with UEFI. I have tried with SecureBoot on and off, it makes no difference. The SSD is currently in a blank state (ATA Secure Erased).


      Not sure why I cannot cache the boot disk, considering the RST app suggests doing so.


      Motherboard is MSI Z77A-G45 with latest beta BIOS and latest drivers from intel.com (since MSI's site has error 404 on the drivers >.>)

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