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    Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility updates?


      I am growing concerned about Intel's seeming lack of chipset driver updates for non-Intel boards. When one goes to the Intel downloads and looks generically for the latest chipset drivers one finds Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility These do not work on x58 boards. (if i recall correctly) However if one looks at Intel produced x58 boards one can find far newer drivers.

      When I first got my x58 board this threw me off as I have always gone straight to Intel for my chipset drivers, storage drivers etc. This worries me. Is this Intel's way of quietly saying they are no longer intending for their drivers to support non-Intel produced boards? I am aware that I can simply look for an Intel board based on the chipset in question and find a recent driver. I am worried that Intel may be quietly killing driver support for non-Intel boards. I find this disturbing because not all motherboard manufacturers are good about providing these drivers. Some may see this as a minor concern and not worth worrying about but I am worried by it.


      Does anyone know anything about this situation? I just find it weird to find new drivers in one section and much older drivers in another. I find it confusing. Thanks.

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          Hi there,


          Actually when you are running the application it is only finding only older drivers version because it is based on a different board than the DX58SO. However the chipset drivers you are finding on the DX58SO board page is related to this specific board and not only the Chipset.


          It's not always that all the latest chipset driver version will also be applicable to third party board having Intel Chipset. I assume it's not a let down by Intel. When new boards and chipsets are introduced, chipset drivers are released based on the released chipset. However throughout issues noticed and improvements made, new versions of chipset drivers are released but this is based only on the Intel boards.


          You should not compare the result which you are getting from the Driver Update application to that of the drivers available on the DX58SO. The ones on the DX58SO is specific to that board and not only the chipset. The Driver Version you are getting from the Driver Update software will give the driver version that is most appropriate to you motherboard. Third party motherboard manufacturers use the intel chipset on their boards, however the components attached to the MCH and ICH could be different and they may modify the codings of the drivers to include their specific components. Hence it is always recommended to contact your motherboard manufacturers for drivers updates.


          The latest drivers from the DX58SO may work fine on your motherboard as well but there is no guarantee that it should work fine. The same may apply to the drivers for the other components.


          This was just my point of view. If there is anybody else who can clarify this, it would be nice.