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    How to check data in shared memory.

    chan seok kang

      Hi I`m new to develop linux device driver in SCC. I just wonder how to check the data in shared memory.

      As you can see that, LUT points the physical Address of Shared MCH0 ~ MCH3. and there are reserved space in there such as TTY, rckmb and rckpc.

      What I want to implement is that store some data in shared memory(of course, free space!) in one core and check it from another core.

      I already checked the data save using MPB through sccDump -m. But I also want to sure this approach worked in off-chip shared DRAM

      I implemented it in network driver (rckmb.c) and I`m not using RCCE Library. is there any options to check data in shared dram?


      Thanks in advance!