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    Graphics card driver for my Lenovo T410s


      Hello all,


      I have a Lenovo T410s, running Windows 7 64bit.


      I was having a problem with another driver, so I ran the Lenovo Update utility (System Update version 5.03).  It stated as "critical" to update the graphics card driver, so I did.


      The trouble started during the installation.  While installing, the computer froze and went to a black screen for a few seconds.  Then it came back for a few minutes, with the screen resolution reduced.  A few minutes after that, the whole thing crashed and I got the blue screen of death.


      Now, my graphics is all messed up.  The resolution is all fuzzy and I cannot run the options menu (Fn+F8).  I tried installing the Intel HD Graphics driver (called Win7Vista_152254), but it cannot install.  I try to run it, it starts the install wizard, but then it just stops.  No message. Nothing.  It just goes away.


      Also, I noticed other problems which emerged after the System Update: I cannot put my computer to "sleep" or "hibernate".


      Pleaese, any help would be dearly appreciated.