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    intel 82945 G/GC graphic express chipset


      hi. i've installed a Microids game in my PC.CPU Intel E2180 dual core 2.00 gHZ,2 gigabytes ram,motherboard ASrock Wolfdale 1333-D667 with onboard graphic chipset Intel 82945 GC (intel 950 GMA).in the spec game system requirement is written that game need Pixel SHADER 2.0.but the game on my pc doesn't start;i've black screen stuck there with no sound. have another video card in my pc NVIDIA 8400 gs(it supports Pixel Shader 4.0) and with it the game

      works fine.my question is why if Intel 82945 express chipset support Pixel Shader 2.0 is not be able to start game?have seen with Microsoft SDK Directx test tool that my graphic chipset doesn't support Floating Point on PostProcess(about Pixel Shader 2.0),but don't know if this is rilevant or not for game to start,because i'm not expert.probably some function in Pixel Shader 2.0 are not resolved or supported by this chipset?thankyou if you want clarify me better this and sorry for my bad english it's not my mother language.Enrico