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    DH77DF Displayport issues


      Hello all,


      I have few issues with my Intel DH77DF desktop board while using Displayport monitor connection.


      1. When I have connected monitor to internal graphics via Displayport and flat panel TV via HDMI, I have no possibility to see any screen on monitor while Windows do not started. After graphics driver loaded I have picture on monitor as Windows welcome screen.

      I tried to change primary display in BIOS for Displayport, HDMI - second screen, and also keep this setting in Auto - no any success till I physically disconnecting HDMI connection from board.  With alone Displayport connection I can see BIOS screen, POST, LOGO and etc. initial screens before Windows start on monitor.


      In case of use DVI for monitor + same HDMI for TV all work fine and I can  assign primary screens in BIOS as DVI without any problem.

      But for now I do not have possibility to use DVI connection for monitor, because it changed it for new one with 2560*1440 10 Bit + audio.


      I also had same problem for DVI  + HDMI connection with my past Intel board DG45FC - DVI was not active while Windows does not started.

      This is repeated again in DH77DF board, but for Displayport + HDMI



      2. More main issue for me with Displayport connection is that monitor does not going to safe mode!. I use setting in Windows for turn off display after scheduled time, but after estimated time left, screen became dark - seems no picture from Windows, but monitor backlight still work and power status led on monitor still show On mode.

      I tested my monitor with Dell notebook with same connection and safe mode work fine for them. After suggestion Intel technical support, I updated video driver, but problem wasn't resolving .


      Can somebody help me with this issues?

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          Playing with BIOS settings I found interesting fact..


          When I unmark Legasy checkbox on Booting page Displayport (even plus HDMI) became active after power on, but....

          I see initial logo on screen that board came (I changed logo at Intel integration toolkit later) and no one SATA bootable device in BIOS at same time. Of course, OS does not started.

          Any suggestion?

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            SerggioK, would you please provide me you service ticket given to you when you contacted Intel technical support?

            Also please provide me the model number of the processor you are using, and the graphics driver version.

            Are you trying to set a dual display on this system using the DVI and the HDMI ports?

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              Hello Sylvia,

              The ticket number is 8000793866.

              Processor is i5 3570K.

              BIOS is v. 110

              Driver I downloaded by this link? provided me by technical support https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=23106&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%207%20Enterprise%2C%2064-bit%20version*&DownloadType=Drivers

              System reference id is 0214 6360.


              I use Dysplayport + HDMI.

              Dysplayport  not active while HDMI connected and OS not loaded graphics driver. (issue #1)

              I solved issue #2, by flashing previous BIOS version 108, load default setting, flashing v. 110 again. I disable deep S4/S5 sleep mode, and after that OS updated ACPI i suppose and display normally go safe mode.

              But after all I do not see in visual BIOS list of bootable devices, and also connected SATA devices, but boot from SATA0 is possible anyway, and all SATA devices available in OS. It strangest for me.

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                I checked your service ticket and it looks like it was forwarded to the appropriate team to follow up.

                According to the ticket you are reporting an issue with your Displayport since sleep mode doesn't work on this monitor.


                Which setting are you using on these monitors, cloned or extended? Can you provide me the complete model number of the monitors you are using?

                Please note that if using a processor with integrated graphics, the board will support only two of the integrated graphics interfaces simultaneously: DisplayPort, DVI-I, HDMI. Also, during the Power On Self Test (POST), the board will not output to the DisplayPort if DVI-I or

                HDMI is used concurrently with DisplayPort. You can get  this information from the TPS on page 18


                I would like to let you know that in our motherboards you can choose from having enabled either Legacy or secure boot.  If you enable “secure boot” in BIOS,  “Legacy Boot” will be disabled  automatically and vice verse.


                When “Legacy Boot” is disabled, the hard drive information won’t be available in this section, but you will be able to choose or boot to a specific drive when pressing “F10”

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                  Hi Sylvia,

                  For now, as I told above, monitor connected via Displayport going into sleep mode correctly. I use monitor both ways (extended and single display) depending from situation. My monitor is Dell U2713H.I do not know exactly which BIOS setting was incompatible with sleep mode for monitor connected via Displayport.


                  Also, I can't find this limitation for two display that you talking about

                  sylvia_intel написал:


                  Also, during the Power On Self Test (POST), the board will not output to the DisplayPort if DVI-I or

                  HDMI is used concurrently with DisplayPort. You can get  this information from the TPS on page 18

                  Which one TPS imply? For motherboard or for processor? In TPS for MB I see only Block Diagram on page 18.

                  I have experience with using only two connections at the same time and DVI + HDMI working well during POST. I have picture on DVI. If I use Displayport + HDMI, Displayport not active either TV connected to HDMI  powered on or not.

                  Would be grateful if next BIOS releases will allow simultaneously working Displayport and HDMI.


                  What about Legacy or Secure boot, I do not use any of them. At any case thank you for this information. I'll keep in mind. Instead of them I has used General optimization. May be this feature have similar effect.

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                    On the following TPS the correct page is #20.  Thanks for the correction. 



                    Please let me know if you have been contacted by an Intel representative?

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                      Not so convenient, but if this is limitation currently chipset specification, that is have to be...

                      I do not has contacted any Intel representative more.