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    windows 7 (32 ,64)x &975XBX2 Board



      I have a PC withe Intel 975xbx2 board when I tray to install windows 7 ( x64 ) it didn't.  I don't know why ?;  is there any solution.

      thanks  a lot.

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          Hi erorr,


          What do you mean by "when i tray to install windows 7, it didn't"?


          Did the system boot onto the OS CD?


          Anyway from my previous post:



          It is clear that you should be able to install OS 32 & 64 bit without any problem if you are configuring the SATA drive as IDE. The only problem was if you configured as RAID using Marvell Controller, you will need to use the drivers mentionned in the post.


          Anyway, try this:


          If you do need RAID, use the Intel Matrix controller (black sata ports).


          1. Connect your hard disk to the 1st black sata port

              If you have 2 drives, connect the second drive to the 2nd black sata port.

          2. Connect your optical drive on the last black sata port.

          3. Go into the BIOS, Advanced >> Peripheral Configuration >> Disable the Second SATA controller (which is the marvell controller)

          4. Go to Advanced >> Sata Configuration >> Configure sata as IDE or RAID - depending on what you want to do.

          5. Go to Boot Menu >> Make sure the optical drive is the first boot device.

          6. Save and Exit.


          If you need a RAID, use Ctrl + I to configure the RAID. Save and Exit.


          Load the OS cd

          Boot onto the CD.

          The F6 raid driver for Intel Matrix Controller is already embedded in the OS.

          Install the OS
          Install all the drivers for the board from the website. (chipset, gfx, sound, lan etc)


          It should work as this has always work without any problem.


          All the best,




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            thank you Mr.Rajiv Doolubfor replying me ; I did exactly  like you told me but my problem still ;

            exactly it like that

            when I try to install window 7 x64 or x32  or even windows vista the PC (freezing when the install begin)

            1.when I but the OS cd and boot , these massage appear



            2.I choose no. 1


            3. it boot and loading files ,


            but when the install start the PC freezing.

            is there  any solution ;

            there is file attach withe it contain picture to show what I did



            thanks a lot.

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              sorry. your download link doesn't work. can you use something like rapidshare?



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                thank you for replying me this is new link on rapidshare.


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                  its very strange that it hangs there. i assume the actuall installation program doesn't start to give you the options to choose language etc.

                  it seems you have the latest bios so thats that.  maybe memory related, try and using just one stick of memory for the installation instead of 4 sticks? i have also seen that you see two DVD drives in the bios, is that correct? can you try to install with just one connected. you can also try to configure SATA controller as native mode or AHCI mode.