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    Can Someone Help? P4 3.06 HT in Trouble


      Yes I need some help, I was playing Wow tonight and my Processor started throwing me a code just a steady alarm for Temp.  So I reboot into Bios and low and behold my Processor is at 95-98degrees Cels 199-203 Farh. I almost crapped lol I noticed that my CPU fan was only kicking 2600 RPM so I figured that was the problem so I had the original heat sink and fan for a temp fix until I can replace what I had. SO I booted it back up and it was still the same and it was rising, it was at 100C when my eye flashed by the monitor to shut it down and the CPU fan was still at 2600, I have a Foxconn Board (Which I love) I’m running  3 120MM Fans  one on the Side, one in the front and one on the back and the are all Cooler Masters and I JUST put in a 700Watt Cooler Master Power Supply IM running P4 3.06 HT CPU 2G  of DDR2RAM PC5300 (2x1024) and 2 512 Geforce 8500's SLI and a 320 Gig HD.  All of it Running on Windows XP SP3 and not a glitch in my system, I’m Microsoft Certified System Engineer, A+, Net +, and IM stumped lol My guess which I don’t want to guess is the CPU fan port on the MB could be foofed but I wanted some input so please anyone with some help is appreciated, Thanks so Much in Advance for your help Guys n Gals  


      P.S if you want to eMail me go right ahead, cause I'm waiting for an answer real quick lol I wanna get it back worken lol TY again!!!

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          most likely no/little thermal paste between the processor and heatsink.

          you may need some of this:  http://www.arcticsilver.com/as5.htm




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            Ya know what bud that might be it, when I pulled the first one it was kinda dry didnt pay much attention to it, but I did notice the second one I put on was very dry and the temp went up a little more with that one so that might be it, but would the lube make it jump 40C out of regularity? Thats the Question, Radio Shack wants 10 bucks for it and I got 20 till the 1st so lol I gotta wait, I will keep you tuned on the situation but thanks for the pointer bro, Im glad at least one out of the 400 people gave me the time a day =) Thanks for the help OJ and I will talk to ya soon, any other thoughts please lemme know =)



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              well you don't HAVE to get arctic silver 5. i just pointed out that one because its the best.

              as long as you have SOME thermal paste in there it should be fine. you can probably find it for a dollar or so.

              you can find it under the names:


              Thermal paste

              Thermal Grease

              Thermal interface material


              Just make sure you clean out your processor and heatsink before applying the new one.



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                Thanks bud, yeah the cleaning I know about, I'll just run then through the dishwasher...that cool? ROFL yeah right!  I knew a kid that did that in my school, what a tard lol he worked as a dishwasher and we were going through A+ and they said ya know making sure thier is no dust in your computer, Well appaerantly he had alot of dust and instead of getting a can of air he ran his computer through the Dishwasher....


                He said "What??? its dryen right now, as long as all the water drys it's cool right?"  We laughed him out of the classroom LMAO!!


                We never saw him again LOL!


                  Just a funny story for ya


                Thanks for your Help OJ I will let ya know what happens IM gonna pick some lube up today.



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                  Well I kinda got good news OJ =) I put the Silver on and no change but I did call my sister who I built the same exact system for so I asked her to go in and check her settings and she told me what her fan speed was and she was between 3500 and 4k and I knew THAT was my problem seeing I was at 2600 and some change, so it was probly not getting enough juice to the port in the board so what I did was pop off the fan on my heat sink and popped on a reg 80mm fan and hooked it strait into my power supply lol.  Sure I dont know the speed but I KNOW its running it's a brand new fan =).


                  So anyways I boot up and it now starts at 50c 140F YEAH!  and after warming up it topps at 75C 165F BUT IM still getting a Alarm, so IM going to have to read the Foxxconn book a lil more =) but ty so much for your help bro I really appreciate it bud =) Take care and remember aint nothing like a riggen something to make you feel like a real tech lol.