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    VM host bridging with SRIOV?


      Hi there,


      Running into an issue I think might be related to SRIOV not allowing mac addresses through to my bridge.

      Dmesg shows me a lot of spoof events:


      [29661.891939] igb 0000:1b:00.0: Spoof event(s) detected on VF 6

      [29663.888911] igb 0000:1b:00.0: Spoof event(s) detected on VF 6


      Hypervisor host has SRIOV enabled and is using Intel 82576 NIC's

      Virtual Machine host has been configured with 2 x IOV NIC's


      I want to be able to bridge the 2 NIC's together on the Virtual Machine but this doesn't work.

      Only one side works at a time and the traffc never passes through the bridge


      Could this be fixed with newer kernel or drivers?

      I am using igbvf.ko version 2.0.1-k


      Any help much appreciated

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          This seems to be a popular topic of late, I think we had a similar question just last week.


          You can't assign a VF to a bridge.  By definition a bridge required the devices attached to it to be in promiscuous mode.  A VF on the other hand sorts traffic based upon L2 filtering and cannot be placed into promiscuous mode, and therefore can't be used as a bridge.


          Hope this helps.


          - Patrick

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            Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it!!


            So there is no way to make a VM with 2 SRIOV VF interfaces act as a bridge?

            It works perfectly with Vswitches, but I really need the performance that SRIOV offers.


            If there is a way that you can think of then I will try anything experimental etc.

            I really need a VM running under KVM with high performance SRIOV bridged NIC's.

            Looking to get as close to 10Gbps line speed as possible here