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    I have bought an intel "server" board S1200V3RPL. Am I alone and without support now?




      I just bought an intel server board S1200V3RPS with a new Xeon E3-1275v3 for my workstation. The reason is simply, that ECC is not supported for the i7 which is very similiar.


      My main problem ist, that in difference to the DH87xx desktop Haswell boards where Intel Visual BIOS allows fan speed control, seems to be not existing for server boards? At least I don't find any related information.

      The DVD contains dozens of difficult to install command line programs but no hint for fan control at all. In the BIOS there is only one point for fan setting, which is not understandable, and is not a fan speed control.


      I am very disappointed in the whole intel information politics. I did not wanted a server board myself.  I did want only ECC, and I trusted intel.

      It seems I am a third class citizen (customer) now.


      (0. First my vendor wanted to sell me the board with ECC with an i7. Only by occasion we discovered, that this is not supported. Quite hidden and surprising information, that i3 is supported, but i7 not.)


      1. When I tried to find information about the boards, I did find only quite useless comparisons between the RPM, RPL and RPS variants of the board. The comparison included only some very minor and bad documented differences. What was not mentioned were such "minor things" like:

      The RPS board does not support the Xeon built-in graphics (no DisplayPort connector), only the RPM board has it. Would be good, if that was mentioned in the compare... Now I have the wrong board.


      2. The RPS board does have 7 USB ports, but only two are USB 3.0 and it is nowhere documented that the others are not.

      After much research, again I found out, that the RPL/RPM variants have two internal USB 3.0 connectors on the board itself which allow to be connected to the case front panel. Mine not. Just the same as 1. I would have liked to know that before buying.


      3. As I mentioned. After spent 12 hours or so, no temperature control, no fan speed control out of the box with Intel software.

      The motherboard let all fans to howl on full speed without any temperature dependency, even if the processors are cold as ice.


      I have not expected the company treats the customers with higher requirements so bad. I cannot describe how frustrated I am.

      I found a third party software for the temperature disply (hardwareinfo), but that's all.


      And, I know, I am writing to the "Support Community", but only desktop boards are supported here. :-(

      Any ideas of gracious people so far, not punishing me for my impertinence?


      Best regards, Phil