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    Programming guide or tutorial



      is there any programming guide that explains how to take the most from Galileo both from Arduino IDE or on Linux? I'm not a programmer but I used to do my projects with the tutorials and references on arduino.cc .. I need something similar



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          hi, Galileo has Ethernet, SD and USB out of the box as well as all the usual Arduino interfaces like I2C, SPI, Analog, PWM, Digital IO etc and you can just open up your IDE and use the example sketches to start using it, thats the best way to get started. The other option is to use the Arduino starter kit.

          Hope this helps

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            Thanks for you answer however I'm quite familiar with the basics Arduino staff (led,servo, networking ecc) but I was wondering if there is some tutorial that explains how to get the most from the Arduino+Intel combination. As an example if is possible to connect some device to the usb host (i.e. a camera) and control writing Arduino code (i.e. taking picture when i read certain value from a sensor...) or how to deal with the Linux distro (I'm a newbie!!) that is on the board (I'm already booting from SD card to have SSH and other stuff).

            Moreover I found here http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23171/eng/Galileo_RelNotes_329686_002.pdf that not all the shields and not all the examples/libraries works and, for example the Servo library.



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              I think its good to start with the example sketches for Ethernet, WiFi, SD and USBHost. Have you tried there?

              Yes you can get access to Linux if you have an ethernet cable like so:

              Using Galileo Linux over Ethernet(Telnet)


              Also, because the sketch runs on linux, you can just mix linux code with arduino code like so:


              void setup() {

                // put your setup code here, to run once:





              void loop() {

                // some linux code that prints stuff to serial monitor

                system("uname -a > /dev/ttyGS0");

                system("ls / > /dev/ttyGS0");



                // some arduino code that prints stuff to serial monitor

                Serial.print("Its linux Jim, but not as we know it !!");




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                Let me specific-up the request a bit.


                I am running Linux LSB on my SD card so NO sketches will work from the Arduino IDE (glibc instead of ulibc).


                What I would give anything for - maybe my mother-in-law - would be an example program in c++ to be run under Linux and do something. Maybe the Blink equivalent.


                If I had anything to look at, I could get started.


                I would sort of like to work on converting parts of the Arduino library to Linux native. Get an LCD shield up and running maybe. The one thing I have available is time.