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    Raid controller



      I been prompted to Intel Matrix Storage Manager to download iastor.sys. I tried downloads in Intel which is awesome and not so sure if i did the right downloads.

      If by any chance anyone know something about downloads more than i do , beginner here. I try to download CA Sec. Plus Suite, keeps telling me that error with operating system.

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          Hi there,


          I supposed that you have tried this:



          If not, try it and let me know. Make sure to read the read me for the installation procedures.


          Possibly, you will need to uninstall the present software completely. Usually, i use a trial software called Your Uninstaller to uninstall a software completely, then try to reinstall the new software.


          By the way, which board is it? As you need to know which chipset the board has? Check if the board chipset supports the new Intel Matrix Storage Manager.


          All the best,




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            Hello Rajiv,


            Thanks for the quick response and the help. I am going to uninstall softwares. Along with my computer laptop when i bought it should come with cd's software to install right or ready to use ? Im really not aware of all this can pls. give me more info: just trying to make sure i wont get stuck. And about the chip set board, where do i find which board?


            thanks and take care