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    ICH10R Driver for Bootable DOS Floppy?


      Is it possible to create a bootable DOS floppy, boot to the USB floppy drive DOS prompt A:\, and then change directory to the SATA CD/DVD drive E:\ when the hdds are in Intel RST RAID-5, logic drives C:\ and D:\.?


      If I create a bootable floppy on my USB floppy drive under Win 7, and boot to the DOS prompt, I can't change to different drives.


      I need to know the correct driver and config.sys file syntax that will allow access to the SATA CD/DVD drives.


      Anybody done this before on an Intel 5 series desktop board?



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          What is the sense of your Intention to create a bootable DOS floppy drive?

          Why don't you just boot off the CD/DVD drive?

          Which sort of "Intel ICH10R Driver" for which purpose do you want to put onto the bootable DOS Floppy?

          If you want to install Windows XP, Vista, Win7 or Win8 and the Setup doesn't detect your SSD/HDD, you may need an F6 AHCI or RAID Driver (depending on the SATA Controller BIOS setting). You can copy the extracted AHCI/RAID Driver onto the Floppy drive, but a bootable Floppy drive is not required at all.

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            Hi Fernando,


            What is the sense of a lot of things? Do you know how to create a bootable DOS diskette, any version, that can allow you, at the DOS prompt, to change to and search CD/DVD drive on x58 chipset, ICH10R SATA controller?


            A USB floppy drive with a DOS boot disk created via Windows 7 would need to be modified with a driver and syntax in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files to get access to the CD/DVD drives on the board SATA controller. Is there a driver that will work in DOS?