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    DX58SO BIOS IDE Setting?




      What is the IDE setting for in the BIOS? The DX58SO only has SATA ports.


      Can it be used temporarily to get access to SATA DVD drive from a bootable DOS USB floppy?


      If you start a clean install of the OS with the BIOS set to IDE, can you then change it to AHCI or RAID after first reboot?



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          Tjg79, the SATA controller in our motherboards has three modes of operation, IDE, AHCI and RAID. RAID is not always available.


          IDE mode uses all the advantages of the serial interface however it does not support hard drive hot swapping and NCQ (Native Command Queuing). IDE mode is useful when the OS you are going to install is Windows XP.


          You may set the SATA DVD drive as IDE setting allowing the DOS USB floppy to boot from it, however that cannot be set as temporally.

          Once you install Windows using this setting, Windows won’t allow changing to AHCI or RAID. It will give you a blue screen (BSOD)

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            Thank you Sylvia,


            That clarifies what I was reading.