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    igdkmd64.sys causing Windows 7 to resume slowly


      "Resuming Windows" in Windows 7 became extremely slow a month or two ago. Windows Performance Information and Tools keeps reporting "These drivers are causing Windows to resume slowly" and listed only the Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver, igdkmd64.sys. However the "time taken" was 1.2 seconds. If that is the time, that is the time for every frame of the "Resuming Windows" animation that comes up and slowly flips frames on the animation for what seems like forever. Once Windows is fully loaded it is no longer slow. I checked and have a lot of hard drive space on both volumes, so that is not the problem.


      I thought there might be a virus or other malware because the whole family uses the computer, but I've run a full Bit Defender scan,booted from/ran the Kaspersky Rescue Disk full scan after updating, anti-rootkit from Kaspersky and Malwarebytes, etc. Malwarebytes scan, etc. and have only Bit Defender installed, so it isn't that multiple AV tools are running at the same time.


      I also tried booting into safe mode, but it is still super slow, so I'm trusting Windows for the moment that igdkmd64.sys may be the culprit. I installed the latest igdkmd64.sys and all of the other latest drivers from the intel site that it found that I should use after examining my system. The newer version of the driver may be the cause as it says, but I don't know how to get the original version without reinstalling Windows 7.


      I've currently disabled Device Manager -> Display Adapters -> Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 and am just using the default display, so even with the resolution turned up, it can only get to 1024x768, so it does not look at good as it used to, but at least it is much more responsive now. I'd rather be using the Intel driver, though.


      Is there an downloads archive, and if so, which download should I use to get the original version of the display driver for this laptop? How would I determine which version that I should use?


      Note: I ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and it said I have the i7-2670M which is in the Ideapad Z570 model 1024. I'm not sure whether this helps or not but here is the full report:




      --- Testing Processor 1 ---




      --- IPDT64 - rev ---



      --- Start Time: 10/03/2013 07:59:58---



      --- Skipping Config ---



      --- Reading CPU Manufacturer ---


      Expected --> GenuineIntel

      Detected --> GenuineIntel

      Found --- Genuine Intel Processor ---


      --- Temperature Test ---


      Temperature Test Passed!!!



      Temperature = 46 degrees C below maximum.



      --- Reading Brand String ---


      Detected Brand String:

      Intel Core i7-2670QM   2.20GHz


      Brand String Test Passed!!!



      --- Reading CPU Frequency ---


      Expected CPU Frequency is --> 2.20



      Detected CPU Frequency is --> 2.22382


      CPU Frequency Test Passed!!!



      --- FSB NOT Supported on this Processor ---



      --- Running Base Clock test ---



      Detected Base Clock --> 101

      Base Clock test Pass ---

      ..QPI rate Test not supported..

      ..Skipping QPI rate Test..


      Skipping QPI rate Test



      --- Running Floating Point test ---



      Million Floating Points per Second, MFLOPS --> 345.6

      Floating Point Test Pass ---


      --- Running Prime Number Generation Test ---



      Operation Per Second--> 4.65205e+006

      Prime Number Generation Test Pass ---


      --- Reading Cache Size --- 


      - Detected L1 Data Cache Size --> 4 x 32

      - Detected L1 Inst Cache Size --> 4 x 32


      - Detected L2 Cache Size --> 1024

      - Detected L3 Cache Size --> 6144



      Cache Size Test Passed!!!



      --- Determining MMX - SSE capabilities ---



               --- CPU FEATURES DETECTION FOR ---

                      ---        MMX SSE       ---

      MMX         - MMX Supported -->    Yes

      SSE         - SSE Supported -->    Yes

      SSE2         - SSE2 Supported -->    Yes

      SSE3         - SSE3 Supported -->    Yes

      SSSE3         - SSSE3 Supported -->    Yes

      SSE4.1         - SSE4.1 Supported -->    Yes

      SSE4.2         - SSE4.2 Supported -->    Yes

              --- MMX SSE - capabilities check complete ---


      MMX Test Result --- PASS

      SSE Test Result --- PASS

      SSE2 Test Result --- PASS

      SSE3 Test Result --- PASS

      SSSE3 Test Result --- PASS

      SSE4.1 Test Result --- PASS

      SSE4.2 Test Result --- PASS

      MMX SSE Testing Passed !!


      --- Determining AVX AES PCLMULQDQ capabilities ---



               --- CPU FEATURES DETECTION FOR ---

                     --- AVX/AES/PCLMULQDQ ---

      AVX         - Advanced Vector Extensions Supported -->    Yes

      AVX OS Support   - AVX Operating System Supported -->        Yes

      AES         - Advanced Encryption Standard Supported -->    Yes

      PCLMULQDQ     - Polys Carry-Less Multiply Supported -->    Yes

          --- AVX AES PCLMULQDQ capabilities check complete ---


      AVX Compare Test Result --- PASS

      AES Test Result --- PASS

      PCLMULQDQ Test Result --- PASS

      AVX AES PCLMULQDQ Testing Passed !!


      --- Reading Memory Size ---



      Detected Memory Size is --> 8.00GB



      --- Integrated Memory Controller Stress Test ---



      --- Integrated Memory Controller Stress Test Pass!!! ---



      Integrated Memory Controller Test Pass!!!



      --- Platform Controller Hub Test Disabled ---




      --- Querying for Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Device (IGD) ---


      ..Detected 8086 as Vendor ID on Device 2 on Intel(R) processor..

      ..Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Device Presence Detection Passed..



      ..2D Graphics Visual Display Passed..



      ..Graphics Visual Display Passed..



      ..Rotating Display Passed..



      --- CPU Load ---



      --- Load Level = 8



      CPU Load Passed!!!



      --- Temperature Test ---


      Temperature Test Passed!!!



      Temperature = 11 degrees C below maximum.



      --- Test End Time: 10/03/2013 08:03:57---