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    Win8 Boot problem after uninstalling Rapid Storage Technology




      Clean installed Windows 8 on a Lenovo N580 laptop, installed the latest IRST software (version


      As I didn't need the whole console GUI, tray icon etc I uninstalled the software using Windows Uninstall in control panel knowing that this would leave the IRST driver in place on the AHCI controller.


      Unfortunately on the next boot I got the following screen "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart..." which the machine froze on.


      I repeated the clean install scenario a couple of times and got the same result.  I finally installed the driver only using the command:


      setuprst -noicc -noIRSTgui -noservice -notray


      Just wanted to report this problem.  FYI, Win8 is installed on a UEFI machine using GPT partition structure (the BIOS default)