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    i5 - 750 stuck at idle multiplier even when loaded with prime 95


      My i5 750 seems to be stuck on the idle multiplier (9x) instead of the base speed of 2.66 GHz, even while loading using Prime 95


      • i5 750
      • DP55WB desktop motherboard.
      • 2GB DDR3 RAM
      • PSU: Corsair Vx450W
      • GPU: MSI ATI 5770 HAWK





      I have tried disabling all power saving options in the BIOS, and also tried resetting to default settings in the BIOS. Neither helped.


      This is a 3 year old machine, out of warranty and hence I an hesitant to update the BIOS. I am not sure when exactly this problem started but it was sometime in the last 2 months after a situation when I had to remove a RAM stick due to a POST issue. (the slot seems to have gone bad)r