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    Question when creating shared memory on SCC by means of LUT remapping.


      I am trying to configure some shared memory on SCC by LUT mapping. I am not using RCCE. Let’s assume i am using core 0, 1, 2, and 3 (only these cores are booted with Linux) . Now I write LUT entries 0x29 (41) to 0xbf (191) of core 0 from other unused cores for example

      From core 12: 0x0 (0) to 0x28 (40)

      From core 13: 0x0 (0) to 0x28 (40)

      From core 14: 0x0 (0) to 0x28 (40)

      From core 15: 0x0 (0) to 0x1b (27)


      This includes overwriting entries 0x80 through 0x84. Will this be a problem? As according to “How to Hijack Memory”


      “Not all the shared memory assigned to the SCC can be used by an application programmer. Some of this shared memory is used by SCC Linux itself, and you must be careful not to modify this memory. This means that in the default configuration, you actually have less than 64MB.”


      Is this still applies to sccKit 1.4.2 linux or not?