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    Accelerate disk with 2 partitions - 2nd partition disappears


      Using Intel Rapid Storage, how do we accelerate a disk (use a cache drive), where the accelerated disk has two partitions? I have a 3TB disk divided into 2TB and 1TB partitions. When I enable my ssd to accelerate the disk (no partition choice, it just chooses the 3TB drive), it will accelerate the first 2TB partition but the second 1TB partition disappears. After disabling the acceleration and a reboot, the 2nd 1TB partition will reappear again.


      Intel RST

      Windows 7 64-bit

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          Hello thedailynathan, we have a mechanical drive with 2 NTFS partitions and we were able to accelerate the drive without losing any of the partitions. The best recommendation for this scenario is updating your Intel® Rapid Storage and BIOS versions (so the RAID option ROM will be updated too); please check with your system/motherboard manufacturer in order to get compatible updates.


          In case the issue persists please provide more information about your system configuration, such as: system/motherboard model, chipset model, HDD/SSD models, partition types used (NTFS, GPT, EXT4…) or a screenshot of Windows* Disk Management.


          This thread will be moved to the Intel® Chipsets Communities since its chipset related software and usually SSD (brand/model) transparent.

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            The motherboard is the ASRock Z68 Pro3. BIOS is fully upgraded to the most recent 2.10. The storage configuration is as follows (set in RAID mode in the BIOS):


            180GB Corsair Force GT ssd (primary for the OS)

            3TB Seagate HD (being accelerated. Formatted as 2TB and 1TB partition)

            60GB OCZ Vertex 2 ssd (used to accelerate the HD)


            All are formatted as NTFS. In Windows Disk Management, the 2TB HD partition appears as normal, the 1TB partition appears as "unallocated". If I disable the cache acceleration the 1TB partition reappears normally.


            I upgraded to Intel RST 10.8, which was the latest provided from the manufacturer's website. I tried to install the more recent 12.x update directly from the Intel site, but that caused major issues (failed to boot up, had to restore to a previous config before those drivers). If this is a known issue that's been addressed between 10.8 and the latest 12.x, that info would be helpful - I will ping my motherboard manufacturer to provide a compatible Intel RST installer in that case

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              I was not able to replicate this issue. I had to initialize the mechanical drive as GPT since MBR only allows creating one 2TB partition; it was not possible to create a second partition from the remaining unallocated space. However, in GPT both partitions remained accessible with acceleration enabled or disabled. I guess it may help recreating the partitions again but I am not sure if you have such possibility.


              Otherwise more information is necessary for further troubleshooting, would you kindly provide a copy of the IRST system report (Help, System Report, Save)?