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    Error: Turbo Boost on Windows XP with Core i5-680



      my Windows XP Prof. x64 SP2 runs on a Core i5-680 CPU with Turbo Boost enabled in BIOS.


      The Error is that the CPU only runs on 3.733 GHz with 28x Multiplier with one Core Utilization.


      On the same System I also got Windows 7 x64 and there the CPU goes to the regular 29x Multiplier and 3.866 GHz.


      Why does this not work right on Windows XP?

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          Bowgen.L, which software are you using to get the maximum speed when Intel® Turbo boost is enable? Are you using the Intel® Turbo boost monitor?


          Is your system using the latest drivers available for Windows XP?


          Please note that Intel® Turbo boost is engaged automatically depending on processor’s load, voltage, power and temperature, therefore it will be good to know which programs are running on the background on each operating system.