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    Where are the Haswell laptops with TSX-NI ?


      Hello Intel Community.

      I am looking for a laptop with Intel "Transactional Synchronization Extensions New Instructions" - TSX-NI, because I am interested in programming with this feature.

      I started by getting a list of Haswell models on this Wiki page.

      For each model, I visited it's ARK.intel.com page to see if it supports TSX-NI.

      Sometimes this information is omitted (e.g. on this i7-4750HQ page), sometimes there is a clear answer - yes/no.


      It appears that the following nine models definitely have TSX-NI:

      i5-4350U,      i7-4650U,     

      i7-4750HQ,    i7-4800MQ, 

      i7-4850HQ,    i7-4900MQ, 

      i7-4950HQ,    i7-4960HQ,   



      What is odd is that I cannot find a single laptop brand using the i5-4350U chip.

      Of the other (more expensive) i7 processors, can anyone recommend a 14" model with SSD,

      ideally with a touchscreen with more than 768 vertical pixels? I can only find it in the 13.3" Macbook Air.